Asheville: Nursery Sales Associate

We are looking for a Core Value driven Nursery Sales Associate  to assist in the day-to-day operations and activities of the nursery department, with the goal of creating an atmosphere of teamwork, excellent customer relations, maximum sales, and profits. Fostering teamwork and communication with the Nursery Manager, Nursery Sales & Support staff is the most critical aspect. All customer service and operations of the nursery will be fulfilled only if the teamwork and communication is at an optimum. Daily check-ins with managers are critical. Individual workflow, projects, training in procedures and inventory are done in face-to-face, one on one interactions daily with your manager. Maintaining the highest level of trust and integrity with all team members, vendors, and customers is vital.


● Merchandising, inventory, & plant maintenance (under direction of the Nursery Manager)
● Facilitate and maintain seasonal changes in the nursery
● Maintain a well-organized nursery for inventory management and customer service
● Signage/labeling: Assist Nursery Manager and marketing department with implementation of a signage program for department, including but not limited to: individual plant signs, banners, and promotional signage
● Merchandising: Assist with the merchandising needs of department products to achieve sales results based on sales goals
● Maintenance: Assist with the plant maintenance program, including, but not limited to: watering needs, pruning, fertilization, weed control, and pest
● Inventory Control: Communicate with the Nursery Manager and Nursery Buyer about inventory mix and levels based on customer communication.

Customer Service

● Work within a customer service program designed to increase sales, nurture customer relations, and set our company apart from all other retailers in the market. Maintain a professional demeanor with the goal of sales to every customer.

Facility Management

● Assist with the maintenance of the nursery and retail surroundings in a clean, orderly, and safe manner
● Assist with the management of all physical nursery assets, including paths, gravel, trees lines, irrigation, carts, and all peripheral areas including holding and support areas
● Safety and Security: Be aware of issues related to the health and safety of our customers and staff and take action to improve any problems
● Sales and Service: Personally growth in sales training in the areas of customer service, product knowledge, added value selling and company standards

This job is a full-time position.

B.B. Barns’ Core values

01. Care

Create a positive work environment for the growth and success of employees and the company that focuses on teamwork and servant leadership.

02. Grow

Develop, supervise, and maintain a professional team of employees, trained in the correct procedures of outstanding customer service, product sales and inventory maintenance. Set the pace and example for achieving personal and business goals.

03. Deliver

Maintain a customer service program that sets the company apart. Create and maintain a neat, clean, and well-organized shopping environment for our customers and staff.


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