Hearts and circles for containers

It’s that week. The dreaded, highly anticipated, glorified, over-dramatized, hyped and happy day of Valentine’s is on the countdown. We’re talking 2 days, people. The florists shop aren’t picking up the phone, and chocolate seems so last minute. and lame. What to do?

After a winter of frost-bitten toes and keeping vigil for spring, how about color for your sweetie? Color, that harbinger of spring that reminds us that flip-flops and shorts are a real thing.

Here’s glimpse of the whimsical, romantic and hey, flat out practical for your sweetie (or sweeties). 


Shown in order:

  1. Valentine’s Day cyclamen
  2. Spring daffodils and primroses
  3. Succulent hanging container
  4. Heart-shaped succulent container
  5. Rose petals and hearts
  6. Valentine’s Day arrangement
  7. Moss covered heart with silk roses
  8. Rhonda with gift card (for that oh-so-practical gardener sweetie.)

Written by Cinthia Milner, OSA, Garden Coach, and blog writer. 

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