Barney Bryant’s (co-owner of BB Barns and fondly called Barn) childhood summertime memories are of breaking beans and shucking corn with neighbors, out in the front yard in the cool of the evening. Those childhood days in Franklin, North Carolina are past, but Barn’s love of community and gardens remains. Most evenings his neighbors gather in his Arden, NC garden to visit. A place they call The Happy Place. They don’t break beans or shuck corn, but they’re surrounded by Barn’s English style cottage garden, and the fellowship of friendship on a summer’s eve.

Gardens, Barn believes, are for drawing out friends. Too often we sit indoors, away from our neighbors and community, engrossed in our work, or TV, or the internet, but Barn has a remedy for that. A garden. A happy place for neighbors to gather and enjoy each other. The beauty that Barn designs in his garden is the setting for friends to gather, and what better place to relax with our neighbors than in a garden?

We had fun making the videos, giving him a chance to show off his garden (look for them on FaceBook soon, a virtual tour of Barn’s garden), but we also sat a bit before the day started, and talked of our gardens, and tools, and friends we both dearly love. I was inspired to create a happy place of my own. I placed a few chairs in my front yard, under the trees, and as my neighbors went on their evening walks, they sat for awhile. Who can resist a garden, a chair, and some company? It was a lovely end to the day. I think I’ll continue the tradition.

Below are pictures of Barn’s garden, his and his neighbor’s happy place. We hope it gives you great garden ideas, but more than that, we hope it inspires you to create your own happy “garden” place. At BB Barns, we’re all about building relationships, inside and outside the store.

Click on each picture for more information, and enjoy Barn’s garden!

AAP, Cinthia

Cinthia Milner is BB Barn’s garden coach, outside sales staff, and blog writer.

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