I’m back home from four days at the Garden Writer’s Association annual conference held this year in Atlanta. It was all lack of sleep, stellar private (and public) gardens, speakers (Vince Dooley, Tom Johnson, Michael Dirr, Rochelle Greayer, The Grumpy Gardener, Katie Elzer-Peters and more), food, traffic (think I-26 on Friday evening at 5:30 x 10 billion), but I mean. Nothing like a bunch of gardeners and spectacular gardens to get you fired up about gardening again (in case the lack of anything resembling rain has dampened your gardening spirits–pun intended).

I’m only including the private gardens, since you can see the public ones yourself. Recommended: Atlanta Botanical, and Gibbs Garden. (Click on each picture to pull it up and hover over for a small description.)

AAP, Cinthia

Cinthia Milner is the garden coach, blog writer, and outside sales staff at BB Barns Garden Center.

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