A Slideshow of staff favorite summer & fall perennials

Question: Is it okay to plant perennials now?

Answer: Sure, so long as you're watering. The best thing about perennials is their root system isn't particularly deep. So watering for hours isn't necessary, but watering a good 10-15 minutes 3-4 times a week (4 in this heat) is critical. (Use a good soaker hose and set your timer on your phone. Check every couple of days to make sure all the perennials are getting sufficient water. Some may need more. Use your watering can and water deeply.)

The nursery brings in perennials seasonally. This means that in spring, we'll have lots of creeping phlox, candy tuft, columbines, lupines, and other early spring flowers. In summer, all the echineceas,  rudbeckias, coreopsis and sneezeweed are blooming in the store, and by fall, we'll major on Joe Pye Weed, asters, anemones, and sedums. Limiting your planting to just spring or fall means you're missing some spectacular summer and fall perennials. 

Here's some staff favorites. Click on each picture for more information, and of course, be sure to ask about them at the store. 

Okay, so planting season is still on. I'm going for the sneezeweed! How about you?

Written by Cinthia Milner, Garden Coach, OSA and blog writer.

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