Christmas Decorating: Five Minute Tips

We've all heard it: More is better when decorating for the holidays. (And, gaudy is best!) But, the designers at BB Barns tell us, not always. Sometimes, the smallest touch is just the right touch. Below are five quick tips for simple, easy ideas that help won't drain your wallet or time, but will add cheer.

Then scroll through our gallery of Christmas decor for inspiration, and remember, we don't have Black Friday, we have Green Friday. 

A basket of Christmas balls. 

Textured silver and white Christmas balls can be used alone in a basket, bowl, dish, or container.

Skip hanging the balls on the Christmas tree, and make a table arrangement (dining room tables, coffee tables, end tables) by placing Christmas balls in a basket, wooden bowl, silver tray, whatever's handy. It can be rustic or chic. Add a bit of greenery (a sprig of holly or boxwood) tucked in around the edges, and call it done. Or go a step further and add lights (try the LED lights with the battery pack you can hide under the balls) for extra sparkle. Votive candles arranged around the basket in varying heights is a good finish. Simple, pretty, and quick. 

Drape garland around the base of a candle on a candlestick, and you have instant holiday cheer. 

Drape garland around Ordinary Items.

Use the small beaded silver, gold, red, or green garland. (Yes, we sell all of those and more.) A fun item to do is candlesticks. Wrap the garland around the base of the candle and drape over the edges of the candlestick, and voila! Instant transformation. Instant glitz. It can be one candlestick on a mantle or a set of three to five on your dining room table. Complete the scene with smaller votive candles in varying heights to add dimension. If you're in the mood, add greenery as a base. Garland is the answer for all Christmas decorating. Wrap it around lamps, drape it over sconces, picture frames, and spruce up houseplants with it. There isn't a spot you can't use garland to add that tinsel feel.

Add Words.

Something as simple as words can be a decoration. One word, joy, reminding us of what we're celebrating, placed on a mantle, hall or bathroom table, dining room cabinet or bookshelf, updates our Christmas look (the metal words are so trendy right now, and Yay! not pricey) and gives us reason to reflect. Add greenery, a small tree or candles, or let the words speak for themselves. 

Adding words to any vignette or mantle reminds us to stop and reflect on the season.

Create A Scene.

The deer resting next to the white tree is a simple and elegant Christmas scene.  

Some folks turn their homes into an entire Christmas scene. If that's not your thing, create a small scene on an end, hall or foyer table. A winter wonderland, a Santa station, a quiet animal retreat, or a nativity scene. 

Hang a Wreath. 

If you're not in the Christmas mood, or you're leaving town but want to do something festive, hang a wreath on your front door. Our design bench customizes wreaths to your liking. Designers help you pick out the berries, ribbons, (yes, we tie the bows), and other accessories for your wreath, then we assemble it. No time for that? No worries. We have wreaths pre-assembled. Just pick out a favorite. 

Berries to add to wreaths, artificial and not. 

Biggest tip: Sometimes we start decorating and don't stop. Been there? We all have. Before you start in the guest room, where no guests are staying this season, remind yourself, you're not just putting it up, you're taking it down. (And, storing properly, because properly stored is next year's happy decorating.) If that seems overwhelming, give yourself permission to skip a few things and focus on where you spend your time. Less can be more, even at Christmas. Happy Decorating. 

Slideshow of our favorites this year

Scroll through below inspiration. Our Christmas buyer, Cynthia Gillooly, picked out some great ornaments and decorations this year. Feast your eyes. 

Written by Cinthia Milner, garden coach, and blog writer.

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