Ground covers or groundcovers (it’s spelled both ways) are plants that form the mostly herbaceous layer beneath your trees, shrubs and perennials. Many are groundcovers you can walk on like Blue Star Creeper, while some are taller and upright like daylilies. Their purpose is to inhibit weeds, and erosion. They’re trending in the plant world because everybody is tired of spreading mulch. Heads up: You still need to spread mulch, but you can skip the mounds and mounds of it, and consider groundcovers instead. They go a long way in helping reduce the amount of mulch needed. For more information on how much mulch, read here. For why more plants and less mulch is a good thing read here and here.

As this blog is a continuation of perennial garden month, and we are making lists for the gardeners, please check out the below, highlighted list for additional information, and then read on for the thumbnail gallery on groundcovers for sun and groundcovers for shade, and yes, groundcovers that bloom.

Remember, Asheville is a zone 7a, but our higher elevations can go as low as zone 5b, so these groundcovers are for zones 4-9 or zone 5-9.

Click on each picture below for information on groundcovers. We’ll be adding to this list during the season, so check back for updates. And remember, gardening is a process. You don’t have to cover your new landscape in one year unless that fits the budget and the maintenance/watering schedule. If not, add a few new ones each year. 

(Note: Groundcovers for steep embankments over a large space will likely require larger plant material than listed below. Look for an upcoming blog post on steep bank groundcovers.)

Groundcovers for Sun (click on each picture for details)

Groundcovers for Shade (click On Picture for Information)

Written by Cinthia Milner, garden coach and blog writer.

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