Classic Summer Flowers That Are Deer Resistant

June is perennial garden month. You can read about it here. So, it’s a perfect month to make lists. What gardener doesn’t love lists? All month long the blog will feature a list of different perennials—shade, sun, deer, cut flowers, wet feet, dry feet, and so on—for your gardening information. This week the list is summer classics that are deer resistant and make beautiful cut flowers. The key phrase here is deer resistant, not deer proof. Unfortunately, no plant meets that definition..

If you’re thinking, but I live in the shade, read here for a list of perennials that prefer the shade. Or if groundcovers are what you’re looking for, read here. If you would love a perennial pollinator design, read here. And, don’t forget to check back each week—blogs are posted on Sundays—for a new list to add to your gardening knowledge as we celebrate Perennial Garden Month and National Pollinator Week, June 17-23rd. It’s going to be a good month of learning about new perennials while enjoying our old friends. And yes, before you even ask, you can keep on planting.

Hover over each picture for details or download the pdf for reference. Please note common names have been used, and sizes and colors reflect a variety of cultivars. Sizes denote a range of bloom size—when the plant is in bloom—not plant size.

Classic Summer Deer Resistant Perennials For Full Sun

Written by Cinthia Milner, garden coach and blog writer.

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