Our halls are decked, our trees are up, our greenery is here, and our trees stand tall, awaiting their new homes. You’d have to be the Grinch, and Scrooge combined not to feel the Christmas love when you stroll through the store. Cynthia Gillooly, our Christmas designer, decorates the store using traditional, glitzy, elegant, natural, and whimsical elements. Her talent is, as she says, “layering the textures,” to make it magical.

If decking the halls is not your talent (this girl) and you’re still throwing tinsel on the tree in your best efforts to make Christmas shine, read on. Cynthia has a few tips to inspire your decorating season.

Then, tell Alexa to hit the Christmas playlist and scroll our gallery of Christmas decor (pictured below) in the comfort of your pj’s. And good news, we have a new online store. Check it out here. There are lots to ooh and ahh over. I mean, really, who doesn’t want a sloth for their tree?

And FYI: We don’t have Black Friday. We have Green Friday and Small Business Saturday

Layering and Textures: More is Better.

Layers and different textures are the bones of Cynthia’s Christmas schemes.

You’ve heard less is more. Well, when it comes to Christmas, more is more (and better). When decorating mantles, creating vignettes, or making tablescapes, layering and adding textures is key. The above combination of colors and pieces is one of Cynthia’s favorites this year with its blue hues and deep burgundy tones. Layering and using several textures adds depth and warmth to your decorations. Go a step further and add the LED lights with the battery pack you can hide for extra sophistication. Or use the votive candles instead for a soft glow. Either way, this creates a memorable arrangement for your mantle instead of the typical green garland, though adding that to this combination works, too.  Step outside of the traditional green and red and try these warm tones this year.

Create a Tablescape and Skip the Tablerunner.


Get creative and add do some tablescaping this Christmas. For extra inspiration follow #christmastablescapes on Instagram.

The tablescape above builds on the blues and burgundies that Cynthia loves. She added the trees, the angels, and votive holders to make a scene for the dining table that isn’t the standard table runner and a few candles. Adding fresh greens to it gives it a natural feel and adds that Christmas smell. Don’t stress if your table barely seats four. You can still create a winter scene. Consider the scale. Scale down or up depending on the table size and room size. Many of us think we have to have an enormous house to really do Christmas decorating well. Not so. Check out below.


These feathery (talk about texture) small Christmas trees surronded with a berry wreath, and including a lit winter scene makes a beautiful tablescape for breakfast nooks, small dining room tables and cozy corners.

Add Sparkle.

I know a three-year-old who says her favorite color is sparkle. Of course, it is. Who doesn’t love sparkle? Whether you’re all-natural or elegant, a little bit of sparkle adds the twinkle to Christmas. A sparkle catches the light of fairy lights and candles. It adds that extra layer to your greenery. If you’re a minimalist, add a touch, perhaps a basket of glittery balls. But, if you’re that three-year-old and you’re all in, go for it. One can never have too much sparkle.

A lot or a little—sparkle brings the sparkle.


Wondering where to add sparkle? The tree, of course. Hang these ornaments on your tree and watch them catch the Christmas lights for a magical glow.

Hang Some Love.

Cynthia, who is an amazing cook and famous for the quote, “Food is love,” is fond of these simple words that can update your Christmas decor. One word, love, reminding us of what we’re celebrating, causes us to stop for a moment and reflect on the season. Plaques on mantles, bookshelves, dining room cabinets and welcome boards by doorways—the options are limitless and an inexpensive way to update your Christmas decor. And, don’t forget the Ho Ho Ho Christmas towels and Merry Christmas pillows.

2020 has been a hard year so hang some love on your tree.


We wish you a season of it!

Yes, You Can Do the Ribbon.

This is one of Cymthia’s favorites, but believe me when I say—we have soooo much ribbon.

Christmas ribbon can be intimidating. How do you make a bow? Good news, we’ll make them for you or show you how. Just visit our Christmas wreath bar. But the ribbon, Cynthia says, can tie your decor all together (pun intended). Pick one and weave it in and out of your decorations and on your wreaths. You can complement it on your Christmas packages. We have tons of ribbon and are happy to instruct and guide.

Hang a Wreath. 

This is the easiest of all. If you’re not in the Christmas mood, or you’re leaving town but want to do something festive for the neighbors, hang a wreath on your front door. Our design bench customizes wreaths to your liking. Designers help you pick out the berries, ribbons (yes, we tie the bows), and other accessories for your wreath, then we assemble it. No time for that? No worries. We have wreaths pre-assembled. Just pick out a favorite. 

Berries to add to wreaths, artificial and not.

Biggest tip: Sometimes, we start decorating and don’t stop. Been there? We all have. Before you start in the guest room, where no guests are staying this season, remind yourself, you’re not just putting it up. You’re taking it down. (And, storing properly, because properly stored is next year’s happy decorating.) Give yourself permission to skip a few things and focus on where you spend your time. Remember, it’s not about impressing the neighbors with your decorating skills (though feel free). It’s about creating a magical, warm space for you to relax in the season.  

Slideshow of our favorites this year

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Written by Cinthia Milner, garden coach, and blog writer.

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