A well-maintained front yard speaks volumes about its owners: they’re thoughtful, conscientious people who care about their property and know that appearances count. But not all homeowners realize this or are willing to invest time or money in landscaping maintenance.

There are many reasons to consider landscaping services. For one, it can increase the value of your property and even add more curb appeal. But that’s not all! Here are 6 signs you might also need landscaping services:

1. You Never Enjoy Your Yard Anymore

Are you one of those people who used to love hanging out in the backyard? A well-kept lawn is an excellent place for family fun, from barbecues and picnics to tossing a ball around or playing with the dog. But if you’re not interested in stepping foot on your grass, it’s probably time to call in a landscaping contractor.

2. You Have No Idea What Is Going on With Your Plants

The fact that your plants haven’t died (yet) doesn’t mean they’re thriving, and the weeds overtaking them are a strong indicator you’re neglecting landscaping maintenance. Remember, the longer you wait to address the problems, the more expensive it will be to correct them.

If plants are begging for water every day and you’re not sure why they don’t look greener or healthier, landscapers can help diagnose the problem.

3. You Have Weeds Everywhere

Perhaps the worst sign of all, weeds in your yard, mean you’re just not paying attention anymore. It’s an easy problem to ignore–you might think they’ll disappear on their own eventually, or there’s not enough water or sunlight for them to thrive–but that 4-foot-tall Canada thistle probably didn’t sprout up overnight! A landscaping service will quickly assess the situation and implement a plan that addresses everything from watering schedules to weed control products, pesticides, and proper soil pH levels.

4. You Have an Invasive Species in Your Yard, and It Scares You

Weeds aren’t exactly pretty (at least when they’re allowed to run rampant) but can be harmless enough for some homeowners. However, two-yard invaders can be downright scary if you encounter them: kudzu and poison ivy! These invasive species are dangerous to property (and people) because they’re fast-growing, hard to eradicate once established, and especially resistant to common weedkillers.

They also creep along the ground or climb trees with ease–you might not even notice the problem until it’s too late. A landscaping company that understands the dangers and knows how to deal with said weeds is your best bet here.

5. Your Neighbors Have Resort-Worthy Gardens but Not You

Most communities monitor yard upkeep fairly closely, so if your property is an eyesore compared to others, you risk getting a notice from the city–and potential fines. If this sounds like something you want to avoid at all costs, consider calling in landscaping contractors for help.

Landscaping professionals will know exactly what’s needed to evaluate and revamp your yard quickly: they’ll give your lawn the professional touch it needs to make it attractive again.

6. You’ve Tried DIY Landscaping Projects and Failed

Do-it-yourself landscapers are great about tackling small projects around the house: planting potted flowers, pulling out a few weeds, among others. But when you’re working with a larger area of lawn to spruce up, DIY landscaping services are often more trouble than they’re worth. Why spend hours of work on an expansive landscaping project when you could pay professionals to do it for you?

Landscaping and landscaping services can improve your curb appeal, increase the value of your home, create a more enjoyable living environment, and reduce maintenance costs.

We at B.B. Barns are here to help. We offer full-service landscaping and lawn care services that can turn any brown patch of grass into a beautiful green space. Our experts work includes pruning, weeding, fungal and pest control, fertilization, lawn mowing, edging, and more. We also offer landscaping design and consultation. Whether you’re looking for help on one project or a full package deal, we can help.