Job Overview

The Customer Care Representative (CCR) is the communication hub for B.B. Barns’ Landscaping Services Division. Communication, organization, and customer service are key skills needed to care for our clients and support the team. The CCR will also support the expeditional growth in the Services Division while reporting to the Customer Service Manager. 

Roles and Responsibilities include:

Client Schedule Communication

  • Installs (bi-weekly on Fridays)
  • Garden Service (daily and on Thursdays for monthly accounts)
  • Retail Installs (Tues & Thurs)
  • Maintain constant communication with DOO about the schedule – especially regarding retail installs. 
  • Change the retail schedule to meet client needs and follow up with DOO & Retail Field Manager on changes made.
  • Attend weekly scheduling meetings
  • Put current and upcoming jobs in “Current Jobs (this month)” status in LMN
  • Communicate with LCs and DOO about scheduling conflicts.
  • Paying attention to how many times a job has been pushed on the schedule as well as keeping a pulse on how people might feel about being moved around.

Customer Service Communication

  • Point person for Incoming calls
  • Process all leads that come in over the phone & help in qualifying potential clients
  • Transfer clients to finance for accepting payments/deposits
  • Triage client needs (transfer accordingly)
  • Receive client requests and filter those to the appropriate people (LCs, GS crews, or Ops.)

Maintain Lead Sheet 

  • Ensure timely follow-up from LCs/GCs to potential clients
  • Enter lead data into ninety.iO (#leads & #consults)
  • Keep the lead sheet organized and make sure that leads are being claimed in a timely fashion (within 24-48 hours)

Manage 811 

  • Process and maintain 811 requests for landscape installs/enhancement jobs
  • Stay on top of what jobs and move around and need to be marked.

Retail Communication 

  • Make sure that the retail team and services team are on the same page at all times
  • Assist the retail team with any questions they have.