Before we head indoors for that long winter’s nap, let’s do a final lap around the yard for our December garden chores. It never hurts to double-check. Then, we can grab our hot chocolate and put our feet up or head out to see the Christmas lights. Or at least check them out on Instagram. Look under #christmastree. There is some serious inspiration on there.

Let’s get started.

Custom Wreath Bar at B. B. Barns Garden Center

Our design bench creates beautiful wreaths, garlands, arrangements, and more. Take a break from those garden chores, and we’ll help you pick out a favorite. One less thing to do for December garden chores.


Our design bench creates beautiful wreaths, garlands, arrangements, and more. Take a break from those garden chores, and we’ll help you pick out a favorite. One less thing to do!

  1. Are the hoses drained and stored away? If not, now is the time. Be sure to turn off outdoor water faucets and cover them for winter.

  2. How about the leaves? Many of my leaves are still holding on, which requires a second go with the rake. Leaving a few won’t kill the grass, and leaving a layer will. Do you need one more quick raking? But don’t give those leaves away. They’re garden gold and the best natural resource you already have for the garden. For a how-to on using your leaves in the garden, click here.

  3. Any forgotten containers that need to go inside? How do you know which ones? Here’s a blog on the topic. All the answers to questions we forget to ask until it’s time to ask them. If you’re still itching to garden, here’s a blog on designing winter containers. Go for it. Just don’t forget to water those containers. It’s never the cold that kills them, but the lack of watering.

  4. Did all the bulbs get in the ground? Most are pre-chilled, so you should be fine to plant them now. If you wait until Jan/Feb, you take a chance that they won’t bloom due to a lack of chilling hours. If the soil is too hard, plant them in pots. Layer them in containers, lasagna style, an easy way to keep bulbs blooming through spring. (Here’s the how-to for making bulb lasagna. )

  5. If you forgot and left your tropicals outside, I’m betting you know you need a few more. These cold nights are too cold for tropicals (when temperatures are consistently below 55 degrees, they must come inside). We have a beautiful selection of houseplants for holiday gifts, and here’s a blog on designing with houseplants, the latest trend in gardening.

  6. If you’re cutting greens for decorating, be sure your cuts are clean and don’t leave limbs dangling. And, stay in your yard unless you ask first. (That should be a given, but just in case…)

  7. Lastly, don’t forget the birds. Baby, it’s cold outside. They would appreciate a bird feeder full of bird seed. Try the Squirrel Buster, which keeps pesky squirrels away. Maybe a Christmas present? Here are some ideas on gardening for the birds and taking care of the birds in winter. i

  8. If you didn’t sharpen your tools, don’t fret. BB Barns offers this service in late winter. Watch for the dates in our newsletters. You can subscribe to our newsletter on our website if you don’t get it.

Christmas time at B. B. Barns Garden Center and Landscape

Now, go ahead and put those feet up. You’ve earned it. December garden chores are complete.

That covers it! Now, back indoors for a cup of cocoa, a stack of garden books, or maybe some well-earned rest. You did it. Another garden year has come to a close.

Cinthia Milner is a landscape consultant and blog writer for B. B. Barns Garden Center.

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