Get started today with your Garden Coach!

When should I call a Garden Coach?

  • I am new to the area and need to learn about the unfamiliar plants in my garden
  • I am looking for just the right plant to fill that one hole in my landscape
  • I want to change out my landscape to an easier to manage landscape by selecting lower-maintenance plants
  • I need help to understand how to maintain and prune the shrubs in my garden
  • I want to refresh my landscape with guidance on what to keep and what to remove
  • I want a professional to help me with the locations for new plants that work for their ultimate sizes
  • I want to enhance the garden for the time of the year I am here in the mountains
  • I want to avoid costly mistakes of planting the wrong plants in the wrong place
  • I seek to create a pollinator-friendly environment
  • I need well-considered advice on do-it-myself garden projects

A Garden Coach is a great fit for those looking for just the right plants, design, and maintenance tips for their garden. Whether you want design tips, need to change your landscape for easier maintenance, want help knowing what to keep and remove, or want to avoid the costly mistake of planting the wrong plants in the wrong places, our professionals are here to help.

Meet our Garden Coaches, Todd & Chas

Todd Roy serves at B.B. Barns with over 20 years of experience as a horticulturist for various estates and conservatories throughout the Southeast, including the Biltmore House. With a passion for gardening and design, Todd enjoys helping his clients bring their landscapes to life through the art and composition of plants.

Chas Fitzgerald holds a Master’s in Landscape Architecture and brings more than 30 years of experience to his clients at B.B. Barns. After spending more than two decades as a landscape architect in Texas, Chas comes to North Carolina with a passion for helping his clients create perfect outdoor spaces that celebrate our region’s natural beauty.

What’s next?

Simply click here to take you to our in-store services page where you may submit a request for a Garden Coaching session.

  • Garden Coach Services are $85.00 per hour
  • Cost includes travel time to the site and the visit time
  • Payment is due at the end of the visit