Hey there, green thumbs! Summer’s here, and it’s bringing the heat. We know how much you love your garden, and keeping your plants happy when it’s this hot can be a real challenge. So don’t sweat it (okay, maybe just a little); we’re all about helping you succeed in the garden, even in scorching weather, and we’ve got some hot tips to keep your garden thriving all Summer long.

1. Stay Cool, Water Cool

Water is life, and in the Summer, it’s your garden’s holy grail. When the sun’s blazing, water your plants early in the morning or later in the evening when things cool down. If you water during high noon, all that precious H2O will just vanish into thin air (literally!), leaving your plants thirsty and you feeling like you wasted your time. And don’t forget, container plants will likely require more watering than usual – up to twice a day!

2. Mulch to the Rescue

Mulch will keep your soil chill and lock in moisture (no more watering every five minutes!) so grab a hefty load of organic mulch and spread it like confetti around your plants. Plus, it’s like a natural weed blocker, so you can say “bye-bye” to those pesky invaders stealing your plants’ nutrients and giving your garden grief. Our helpful staff can recommend the best mulch for yard, help load you up at our store, and even mulch your yard for you! Check out our Landscaping Services if you want to stay in the AC and have us do it for you.

3. The Cool Crew: Heat-Loving Plants

When it comes to what you plant, choose wisely: go for plants that can handle the heat. Look out for the toughies like succulents, ornamental grasses, oh-so-soothing lavender, salvia, and coneflowers (Echinacea brings a welcome pop of color and we’ve got a great selection in store!). They’ll be strutting their stuff while others are wilting.

4. Time it Right

Timing is everything. If you want to do some pruning or fertilizing, get out there early in the AM or late when the sun’s not at it’s peak. That way, your plants won’t freak out, and you won’t have to deal with their afternoon tantrums.

5. Shade Game Strong

We all flock to the shade on a sweltering day – and so do your plants. Moving potted plants into the shade or out of the harsh afternoon sun can help. Set up some shady havens with shade cloth, your plants will thank you with happy, healthy blooms even in the midst of the heat.

6. Show Your Garden Some Love

Keep a close eye on your garden for any signs of heat stress: leaf rolling or cupping, wilting, dry leaf edges, or blossom and fruit drop. Most plants can recover from a heat wave. But make sure to get rid of dead or diseased plant parts so the disease won’t spread to your healthy plants.

7. Compost is Plant Magic

Feed your garden with compost rather than fertilizer. Compose provides better water retention and essential nutrients plants need to endure the Summer swelter.

Gardening in the heat may have its concerns and challenges, but doesn’t have to be a chore. Watering smart, giving your plants some shade, and providing some extra TLC in the Summer is all it takes. Gardening is an adventure and a little trial and error is all part of the fun. Embrace the sun, take a sip of lemonade, and enjoy the splendor of your thriving summer garden.

And remember, if you have any questions – we’re here to help!

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