On behalf of Hunter Stubbs’ family, we are deeply grateful to all who participated in the Stubbs’ Angels’ Garden Tour and for all of the generous donations to the B.B. BARNS/ACA Scholarship Fund. All proceeds, from that fund, will go into a new ACA fund for the Stubbs’ family. Asheville Christian Academy has just implemented a new policy allowing private tuition funds for families. Now all in-kind gifts will go directly into the ACA Stubbs’ Memorial Scholarship fund for Hunter and Carla’s children. A tax deductible receipt will be mailed to donors.

Scholarship Guidelines and Contact Information

  • Checks:  Made payable to ACA  
  • Memo Section:  “ACA Stubbs’ Scholarship Fund”  needs to be in the memo.
  • Account:  The gift will go into an individual account for the Stubbs family….not the general scholarship fund.
  • Address:  74 Riverwood Rd. Swannanoa NC 28778   828.581.2200
  • In Kind Gift:  A tax deductible receipt will be mailed.