Sprout Squad!

B.B. Barns is excited to announce our new Sprout Squad

The B. B. Barns Sprout Squad activity and seminar club aims to provide curious and engaged children with opportunities to learn about the natural world through gardening under the guidance of the horticulture experts on staff.

Through our educational activities we hope to provide fun and inventive programs, inspire compassion for living things, and to foster a sense of community with and among our participants.

In today’s culture of unrelenting yet unavoidable exposure to screens and devices, we feel that it is important now, more than ever, to instill in our children a sense of appreciation and excitement towards nature.

Why Kids Should Garden:

  • Learn a life skill

  • Practice problem solving

  • Instill a sense of pride

  • Practice patience

  • Mental and physical health benefits

  • Improved awareness of nature

  • Appreciation of where food comes from

Sprout Squad Events at B.B. Barns

  • New events every month

  • Each event will state age requirements

  • Parents do not need to stay with children, but do need to stay in the store

  • Seating will be limited; registration prior to event is required

  • Registration fee will vary depending upon project at event

  • All purchases final; no calendar adjustments or refunds unless due to store cancellation

B.B. Barns is also proud to announce we are a partner with Kids Gardening. For more information on this wonderful program, please visit kidsgardening.org