The Beauty of Bromeliads

Rare and exciting Bromeliads have landed in our Tropical Department

Care of Bromeliads is pretty simple:

  • They can be grown and either a pot or in an orchid container.

  • They make excellent focal points in container gardens.

  • Infrequent watering (let the soil dry), keep the central cup filled with fresh water.

  • Do not allow water to get old or stagnant, otherwise, rot can occur.

  • Bromeliads prefer bright indirect light but many varieties can handle medium to lower light conditions!

Want to know more about this unique plant?

Bromeliads (brō-ˈmē-lē-ˌad) belong to the Bromeliaceae plant family, which encompasses over 3,000 species, approximately 56 genera, and about 6,000 hybrids and cultivars. All are native to the Americas with one existing in Africa. You can find them growing as abundantly north of the equator in the southern parts of the United States and Mexico while also thriving in South America from Ecuador to Chile and Argentina.

Bromeliads entered recorded history over 500 years ago when Columbus introduced the pineapple (Ananas comosus) to Spain upon return from his second voyage to the New World in 1493. Much of the species grow on trees as epiphytes or air plants while others grow on the ground, rocks, and cliff faces