Interview with the Garden Coach

You probably already know we have a great Garden Coach here at B.B. Barns.

You may already read her helpful and inspiring blogs. But do you really know what B.B. Barns Garden Coach Cinthia Milner does? I asked Cinthia four questions that I thought that most people, including me, would ask a Garden Coach. Enjoy and definitely reach out to us if you have more questions!

What does a Garden Coach do?

“As a horticulturist, I can help in all parts of the landscape. I do plant identification and care, assist with small designs, teach people how to prune and plant, determine what plants need to come out, diagnose sick or dying plants, prioritize projects in the landscape, and develop curb appeal. Our time together is spent looking at the landscape as a whole and determining what parts are working and what parts aren't. The goal is to make the time educational and productive.”

What should I expect during a visit with the Garden Coach? 

“The typical visit is an hour to an hour and a half. Plan to spend the time outside reviewing the landscape with emphasis on areas of concern. Have a notepad ready to take notes, and during our time together, we'll prioritize what projects are needed: Design, editing, clean-up, fertilizing, pruning, etc. When finished, you may have a list of tasks, a list of referrals, a plan of action, or a plant list, depending on the need.”

What if I need more help after the Garden Coach’s visit?

“During our time together we'll set goals for the landscape and determine the best way to accomplish them. This can mean referrals, or instructions if you're a DIYer. If planting takes place, I can return to place the plants prior to planting. If needed, we can schedule more time together, and follow-up questions are welcomed from clients. I am the first person in the process of creating a landscape you can enjoy, and part of my job is to facilitate that process smoothly.”

What is your favorite part of being a Garden Coach?

“I love that I get to be part of people's lives. It sounds cheesy, but life happens in a garden, and when I visit my clients, I am privileged not just to help them in their gardens, but to participate in their lives.”

Interested in getting Cinthia out for a Garden Coach visit with you? Click below to submit a request or contact the Garden Center at 828-650-7300 for further information.

Garden Coach Services:

  • $85.00 per hour

  • Cost includes travel time to site and the visit time

  • Payment is due at the end of the visit

Written by Amy Nies, Landscape Designer, B.B. Barns Landscape Services