Indoor Fruits

Citrus & Avacado Plants are now available to grow indoors…read on!

These look great on the front porch, but they’re not just for the summer months. Bring them inside when cold weather comes or leave them in year round; what a wonderful way to have ‘houseplants’ and grow food!

Bonus: Lemon flowers smell amazing! Slow growing (must exhibit patience), but produce fruit year round. Be sure to pick up a bag of Citrus-tone by Espoma, bio-tone food specifically for Citrus & Avacados. Pictures of Lemons below are most recent ones I have harvested myself at home today!

Note: Bacon Avocados do NOT taste like bacon! Bacon Avocados are named after Mr. James Bacon who hybridized them in 1954. Bacon Avocados have thinner skin and are considered one of the smooth green skin avocados, less oily than Hass avocados but just as delicious.