B.B. Barns Landscape Warranty and Refund & Cancellation Policy

Our 1-year plant replacement warranty includes the full replacement on any loss of trees, shrubs and perennials up to 1 year from the original installation date. Replacement plants are not covered by this warranty.

Warranty does not cover plant material neglect (including under or over watering), natural disasters, vandalism, or transplanted material; plant material specifically requested by the customer or outside designed considered to be zone marginal or a poor choice by B.B. Barns; or weed germination in plantings, beds or mulch due to seeds the may exist in soil or mulch.

Before replacement, plant material will be inspected by a B.B. Barns landscape representative and replacement will occur at their sole discretion. Individual plants will be replaced with the same species based on availability.

B.B. Barns will warranty sod and seed installations for 2 weeks after installation provided the following conditions: we can verify that necessary watering has taken place; no heavy traffic has been in the area via foot, pets and/or vehicles; pesticides and chemicals have not been applied outside of accordance with the B.B. Barns turf maintenance program; and pets have not been allowed in the soil.

To improve the health and establishment of your new plantings, please see our care guide.