B. B. Barns Landscape Services

Landscape Job Assessment Form

To be completed at the end of each job by Crew Leader(s), Director of Operations, Logistics Coordinator, CRM, and/or Owner.

Project name on LMN job planner.
Who sold this job? (select one)
Crew Leader *
Who installed the job? (select one or multiple if needed)
Who is completing this form?
Assessment Date *
Assessment Date
General Cleanliness *
General cleanliness of the site (no trash/debris, no mud left on any hardscape, turf is not matted down, edges are clean and neat, no dirt visible through mulch etc...)
Softscapes *
Plantings (tags removed, proper technique, watered in, proper spacing, no dead/broken branches, water rings as appropriate etc...)
Hardscapes *
Hardscape (installed to spec, level/straight, solid and doesn’t move, good joints etc)
Specifications *
Specifications * Installed to spec (hardscape correctly installed, site specific instructions followed, correct materials used, mulch correct thickness, proper amending done etc...)
Communications *
Communications (client handled well, Logistics coordinator utilized properly, communicated with designer in timely manner etc...)
Efficiency *
Efficiency and Production (tasks completed in most efficient order, no ‘go-backs’ for forgotten material/tools, job managed to be the most productive)
What success can we celebrate?
How can we get better?