House Plants Asheville

Garden Center Offerings

B.B. Barns is your one-stop garden center and nursery. You’ll find the best selection of plants, knowledge and care with us: you’re in good hands whether you’re the novice gardener or the seasoned enthusiast.

Nursery Plants

At our Asheville, NC and Columbia, SC locations, you’ll find a full indoor and outdoor nursery stocked with trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, roses, vines, herbs & veggies, seeds, seasonal plants, and more. We provide the best selection and pride ourselves on the healthiest, most diverse plant stock you can find. If you have special requests, we’ll be happy to order it for you.

Pottery & Containers

We carry a variety of pottery, pots, and unique containers for indoor and outdoor planting. From decorative colorful houseplant pots to tasteful terra cotta, ceramic, or concrete containers, we have something for every need and aesthetic. You’ll find special use containers like window and herb boxes, self-watering pots, and orchid pots too.


Our tropical department is a true treat for house plant enthusiasts. Expect a dependable stock of trending plants like Monsteras and Fiddle Leaf Figs, easy-care houseplants like Snake plants and ZZ’s, and collector’s items like calatheas, orchids, and unique ferns. Plants of all care levels are here and our knowledgeable staff will help you make the best decision for space.

Outdoor Furniture & Decor

Our large selection of high-quality, all-weather outdoor furniture in a range of styles is perfect for patios and gardens of any type. You’ll find a curated collection of items primarily handmade in the USA by local manufactures for the best craftsmanship and style.

Silk Florals & Garden Gifts

We have an extensive selection of floral silks, stems, topiaries, flowers, succulents, branches, wreaths and more. Browse our extensive gift department for unique, quality-made items ranging from clothing and hats; jewelry and purses; interior decor,  seasonal gifts, and more.

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